Help K.A.S.T. with the following:

  • Nonprofit status

  • Costume shed

  • New lighting

  • A short throw projector!

To learn more/help these kids, check out the link below.

"Thank You! We so appreciate you!"

-The K.A.S.T. Team

Coming Spring 2023...


45 spots only!!

(We’ve filled up our last show in THREE MINUTES, mark those calendars!)

Filled on a first come first serve basis - NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Open to all students at Kester Elementary School 1st-5th grade!!

Registration opens Wednesday,

December 7th at 9:30AM!!

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Ms. Steury’s plays are the most amazing thing I’ve ever been a part of. They’re creative, very original, and super fun to be in! No matter who you audition for or what part you play, you will always be part of the play. I love it because when we’re performing together we’re a family.

— Diego, 7th grade