K.A.S.T.'s Response to Covid-19

Updated: January 12th, 2022


K.A.S.T. Covid Protocols (For In Person Activities)


K.A.S.T. will be following County guidelines & we want to do everything we can to keep our students & staff safe. First off, our entire K.A.S.T. crew is vaccinated and boosted. Safety is our top priority.


The following are our mandatory Covid protocols:


  • Masks are to be worn by all children and parents. The CDC and LAUSD are encouraging everyone wear well fitting surgical, KN95, or N95 masks amid this Omicron variant.

  • We will be maintaining a level of social distancing (including spacing out students in the audience & on stage)

  • If your child didn’t attend school due to illness please do not send them to rehearsal that same day.

  • We will be administering temp checks and hand sanitizer at the beginning of rehearsal.

  • Snacks may be eaten on the lunch tables outside the auditorium prior to rehearsal beginning at 3pm. No food or drinks EXCEPT water allowed in the auditorium. Please label water bottles.

  • If you know your child or a family member in your home has been exposed to Covid please don’t send them to rehearsal & let Kim Steury know.


Parents & Audience Members (If performances are in person): 

  • We will be requiring proof of vaccination. Attendees not yet eligible to receive the vaccine must show a recent negative PCR Covid test taken within 72 hours of the show.

  • Regardless of vaccination status, masks are to be worn in the auditorium.

  • In order to maintain a level of social distancing in the audience, we will be assigning students with viewing dates & limiting guest count. More info TBA.


Again, our utmost priority is keeping our K.A.S.T. family safe. We will be following the CDC guidelines and as things change, our protocols are subject to change as well. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.