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Help K.A.S.T. with the following:

  • Nonprofit status

  • Costume shed

  • New lighting

  • A short throw projector!

To learn more/help these kids, check out the link below.

Special Thanks to All Our Supporters So Far:

Robert Cogman

Daniel Curran

Stephanie Heller-Fenig

Angela Richardson

Judi Jacobs

Ellen Thordarson

Parissa Atashbarg

Peggy Bugg

David Thordarson

Chris Zimmer

Evelyn Benjamin

Jessica Kiernan-Maillard

Betsy Megal

Rebecca Smith

Tricia Doud

Chris Harvey

Justin Basilio

Coming This Fall...

Registration NOW open!!

Open to Kester students 1st-5th.

Only 50 spots available.

First come, first served. 

We've filled up in under a minute, mark those calendars and set your alarms!

Click the button below for the full flyer and to register!

We hope to see you on "easy street"



Ms. Steury’s plays are the most amazing thing I’ve ever been a part of. They’re creative, very original, and super fun to be in! No matter who you audition for or what part you play, you will always be part of the play. I love it because when we’re performing together we’re a family.

— Diego, 7th grade

Future Shows
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